This area of the website discusses Irritable Bowel Syndrome and ways to help ease the symptoms and make the pain and discomfort a thing of the past. What is IBS? gives a rundown of what IBS is, How to Combat IBS gives various ways that you can try to help control your symptoms

Gluten Free Diet

Gluten free diets are helpful for suffers with a gluten sensitivity. The gluten free food list page offers a helpful list of foods good and bad for the diet.

Lactose Intolerance

Many people are lactose intolerant and there is a small percentage of the population that has a life threatening milk allergy. Find out about lactose intolerance and dairy free dieting.

The lactose free food list page offers a list of food that are often hard to spot that contain milk products as well as offering some ideas on foods to substitute.

Other Diets

Other IBS Diets provides alternative diets that can help IBS sufferers.

To aid and assist in undertaking IBS related diets it is helpful to have a food and symptom tracker to fill out. Using this tool helps to ensure you know what you ate and how you felt so you can go over the records and determine which food caused symptoms.