IBS Diets Food Lists

These pages provide accurate and up to date information on foods that have been tested as considered safe for their respective diets. Serving suggestions are added where appropriate to help where a certain amount of food, such as broccoli for the FODMAP diet, will be low enough to be tolerable.

Low FODMAP Diet Food List

The low FODMAP diet food list page provides an exhaustive list of foods that have been tested and graded for their level of FODMAPs. A more concise version to print out and have to put on your fridge can be found at the FODMAP Diet Chart page.

Gluten Free Food List

Being gluten free can be quite tricky as extra care needs to be taken to avoid any form of gluten. The gluten free food list page lists many foods that are gluten free as well as any foods that contain gluten.

Lactose Free Food List

A lactose free diet is undertaken by many as they are not able to digest lactose properly. The lactose free food list page provides a list of foods that are likely to contain lactose, and it’s not just dairy products that have to be avoided.